Best Shampoo for Scalp Acne: 7 Proven Products that Work

Best scalp acne shampoo reviews.Scalp acne isn’t a common problem. But if you’re one of those rare folks suffering from its pain, it’s likely that you’re desperate to eradicate it at once.

Worry no more. You’re at the right place reading this blog post.

There are tons of different ways you can tackle acne on your scalp, as discussed in detail in this post on scalp acne. But the most effective (and easiest) step you can take against scalp acne is to consider the shampoo that you’re using on your hair.

Using a shampoo that’s capable of dealing with the main culprits behind acne should be the first line of defense if you’re suffering from scalp acne. Your plain old, ordinary shampoo simply won’t do the trick here.

To end your quest for the best shampoo for scalp acne, let’s take a look at some of the finest choices available on the market:

7 Best Shampoos For Scalp Acne

1. Keeva Organics Tea Tree / Argon / Coconut Oil Shampoo

Keeva Organics Tea Tree Oil Shampoo for Acne on ScalpKeeva is a relatively new brand in the market. But it’s progressively gaining traction because of its flagship anti-acne products.

This organic shampoo from this promising brand gives an all-natural powerful boost to your hair and can help minimizing scalp acne problems.


  • Hydrates and restores the moisture levels of your hair revitalizes your hair and scalp.
  • Purest and potent organic ingredients are used.
  • Free from parabens and other harsh chemicals, making it suitable for acne-prone scalp.
  • Apart from acne, is also suits users suffering from psoriasis.
  • Cost-effective. A good amount of shampoo for the price.


  • Doesn’t work well for dandruff. If that’s your main concern, there are other better options.
  • Light smell, but not floral as you would expect from an all natural shampoo.

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2. Christina Moss Naturals Organic Shampoo

Organic Scalp Acne Shampoo by Christina Moss NaturalsChristina Moss Naturals Organic Shampoo gives you an all-natural solution for healthy and beautiful hair. It is safe for all type of hair and improves the condition with proven results.


  • The shampoo is thick which means you don’t have to take a large amount to slather it on your hair.
  • The best thing about Christina Moss shampoo is, it is very soothing and kind for dry scalp.
  • If you have any record of allergies, irritation or dryness with preservation and fragrances used in other shampoos and conditioners, then the good news is this shampoo is 100% free from all chemicals.
  • Environment-friendly.


Though, your hair will inevitably feel great after using this organic shampoo, it can make your scalp a bit dried. This can happen due to a lot of reasons, mainly due to the myriad of ingredients used. If you feel such a reaction, it is best to discontinue using it.

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3. Sea Breeze Astringent for Skin and Scalp

The purpose of this particular product is to remove any excess oil buildup that you currently have on your scalp. By doing this, it will reduce the chances of your follicles becoming blocked which will, ultimately, reduce the chances of scalp acne. It will also help minimize dryness on your scalp, which is essential for reducing the development of scalp acne.Sea breeze astringent for scalp acne


It is actually remarkably good at what it does.

  • It will, in most cases, get rid of your scalp acne pretty sharpish.
  • Many people, although this is not related to acne, find that their hair is a lot healthier after using the Sea Breeze Astringent too.
  • It is remarkably simple to use, all you need to do is massage it into your scalp and you should be good to go.


The major downside to this product is the fact that it will only work if your scalp acne is caused by excess oil or dry skin buildup. If your acne is for any other reason, then this product is not going to be one that you are going to get benefit from.

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4. Levan Rose Organic Jojoba Oil

This is pure Jojoba Oil. Take it as a hair tonic, if not shampoo.

Anybody who has ever looked into clearing up their acne will know that this is going to do a wonderful job.

Jojoba oil with tea tree oil for treating acne.Jojoba has a number of different benefits on the scalp. For starters; it will provide a healthy dose of nutrients which will ensure that your scalp is able to repair itself properly and keep itself moisturized.  However, its main benefit for acne is the fact that this will help reduce the inflammation which acne causes which will, ultimately, lead to the acne disappearing.


It works, and it works remarkably well. The vast majority of people are going to get at least some benefit from this Jojoba Oil and, from what I can tell, it is one of the purest oils out there on the market at the moment.


It is not going to get rid of the root cause of your acne. It will reduce the acne, yes, but it will not get rid of whatever is causing your acne. It is, therefore, your job to tackle that in a different way.

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5. Free and Clear Shampoo

Free and clear scalp acne shampooNow, this is not a shampoo built for acne. But that doesn’t mean it won’t help to get rid of scalp acne.
Free & Clear Shampoo has been designed for ‘sensitive scalps’. The vast majority of people who suffer from scalp acne do so because their scalp becomes irritated by their shampoo. This is not going to cause that problem at all.


As mentioned previously, this is going to reduce the symptoms of your acne simply because it is very gentle to the scalp.  In addition to this, it will also remove any excess oil build up on the scalp.

It also helps preventing pore clogging on your scalp, which is essential for preventing acne.


This is only going to work on those who are suffering from acne due to the sensitive skin. Anybody else will get next-to-no benefit from using this shampoo.

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6. Neutrogena T/Sal Therapeutic Scalp Acne Shampoo

T sal scalp acne shampooThis is the first acne treatment on this list to come from a ‘big name’. It is also the first treatment on this list to include salicylic acid, which, as you may well know, is brilliant at fighting acne.

This particular product will drastically reduce all of that crusty build-up which occurs when you are suffering from scalp acne. In addition to this, it will provide you with a great deal of relief when it comes to itching of the scalp. In short; it is going to be brilliant for your acne.


This is a very effective treatment. Neutrogena have gone of their way to ensure that this has the maximum amount of benefit to the scalp. There are no ‘added ingredients’ which can irritate the condition e.g. added color and preservatives. This makes it fantastic to use.


You should check if you’re allergic to salicylic acid. Over time, you may also find that it starts to irritate your scalp a little bit more. At this point you are going to need to stop using it.

In essence, even if it ends up clearing your scalp acne, you may not want to use it forever.

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7. Sal3 Shampoo, Therapeutic

Don’t get confused. This is a shampoo that comes in a soap bar format.

Sal 3 anti-acne shampooSal3 Shampoo is formed of salicylic acid and sulphur, both are brilliant for combatting acne. It is simple to use too. All you need to do is rub the bar into your hair and you should be good to go. It is designed to combat dandruff which, when fought properly, will stop your hair follicles becoming clogged and the acne from forming.


It works and it is dreadfully simple to use too. The fact that it comes in a bar form also means that it lasts a lot longer. I know that there are some people out there who overuse liquid shampoo, which can get very expensive.


This is only going to work if your scalp acne is caused by either dry skin or oil. Yes, it will help to keep acne at bay even if the acne is not caused by this, but it is only going to be so effective at that. There are, of course, some people out there who also do not like to use their shampoo in ‘bar’ form.

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Over To You

So this is how I’ve strived to end your quest for the best shampoo for scalp acne. Try incorporating one of these shampoos in your ablutions and you’ll hopefully see some definite improvement in your acne condition.

If you know of any other good shampoo for scalp acne, or have other questions related to this blog post, let me know in the comments below.

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